Niall C. Hegarty, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor, Management

Niall Hegarty’s dissertation examined motivation levels in graduate business school students and he has published articles in journals such as the Journal for Human Resources and Adult Learning, and the Journal for Continuing Higher Education. Hegarty's research line of inquiry focuses on human resources and entrepreneurship. His previous position was assistant dean and associate director for academic advisement at the Tobin College of Business' Manhattan campus. Hegarty has also held finance positions at the United Nations, The Catholic Medical Center of Brooklyn and Queens, and J.S. Eliezer & Associates in Manhattan.

Ed.D., St. John's University
M.B.A., St. John's University
B.S, St. John's University

Teaching Interests
Human resources, leadership, intro to business

Research Interests
Human resources, motivation, leadership

Select Publications
Journal Articles

Hegarty, N. C., and Cusack, G. P. (2016). Give me what I want but here’s what you need: An exploration of the juxtaposition of mid-level managers as both follower and leader.. American Journal of Management. vol. 16,

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