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Military Students

We want to make your enrollment process as a military or veteran student a smooth one. Below you’ll find a list of resources and links to common forms that can serve as a checklist for your admissions process.

Veterans Educational Benefits

VA Benefit Program and Tuition Assistance

As an incentive for military service, the Department of Veteran Affairs administers several benefit programs for eligible veterans and service members. At St. John’s University, we work with military students and veterans to ensure awareness of the VA education benefit program(s), for which they may qualify. We strongly encourage students to utilize their benefits, as they help reduce the cost of attendance, or in some instances, cover 100% of the student’s tuition. In addition to accepting an array of these benefit programs, SJU is also a participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Financial Aid

Individuals seeking further financial assistance may also elect to complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). We encourage our military students to complete a FAFSA, as some VA or Tuition Assistance programs may not cover the yearly cost of attendance. To get started on the FAFSA application, visit Please take a moment to review the financial aid and tuition and fees policy.

VA Application and Payment Information

In order to apply for enrollment and receive education benefits at St. John’s, you must notify the Veterans Benefit Coordinator.

It is important to have all necessary forms, such as the Veteran Affairs Benefits Educational Form and the FAFSA application, completed and approved before the tuition bill due date.

Once we verify your eligibility for veteran education benefits, we will provide you with a temporary credit on your student account, pending receipt of actual benefits. Please note that St. John’s will not issue any refund of excess financial aid until all financial aid awards have been received by the University.

Certificate of Eligibility

It is important to know that in order for your benefits to post to your account, students must submit their Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and a copy of the 00214 form to the Office of Student Financial Services. If you need to obtain copies of your COE, please contact the Department of Veteran Affairs at 1-888-442-4551.

Changes in Enrollment Status

If you do not wish to be certified for veteran benefits in a given semester, you must notify the University Veterans Coordinator in writing, prior to the beginning of the semester. It is your responsibility to inform St. John’s University and Veteran Affairs of any changes in your enrollment status, such as dropping or withdrawing from a course.

Apply Online

Submit your applicationApplications are accepted on a rolling basis, in which admissions decision will be determined once all admissions requirements are completed and received.
Official college transcriptsFor graduate application and credit evaluation purposes, applicants must submit official college transcripts to our Office of Admissions. To obtain college transcripts, please contact the school(s) directly.
Military transcriptsTo have military training/courses reviewed for college credit, applicants must submit an official copy of the transcript(s). To order an official military transcript, click here.
DSST and CLEP examsFor applicants that have obtained credit through DSST testing (formerly DANTES), click here to order your official scores. To order your CLEP scores, click here. Credit will only be given to individuals that received a passing score on an exam.
Apply for VA Benefits or Military Tuition AssistanceVeterans or service members that seek to use VA benefits, must apply for their benefits online or submit a paper copy of the VA Form 22-1990. If you previously used VA benefits at another institution, you must complete the VA Form 22-1995. For service members using military tuition assistance, you must contact your local branch office to get up to date information about utilizing your benefits.
Financial AidApplicants may also be eligible for need based federal financial aid, in the form of grants and student loans. To apply, you must submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), by visiting Please review our financial aid and tuition and fees policy.

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