Online Student Experience

When you study online with St. John’s, you enjoy opportunity without limits by receiving the same high-quality education offered on our campuses. Taught by our widely respected faculty, our online courses are as engaging as those that take place in traditional classrooms.

Our online learning programs are supported by a full range of student services, including online registration, advisement, financial aid, library resources, campus ministry, and career services.

How Do Online Courses Work?

When you study online with St. John’s, you enjoy the flexibility and convenience of being able to access your courses from any device with an Internet connection, be it your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can access your course syllabi and assignments in addition to being able to communicate with your professors and fellow students.

In our online courses, you will access a virtual classroom using an online learning system. Just as you would in a traditional course, you will be required to complete your assignments according to a set schedule, maintain contact with your instructor, and participate with classmates using online discussion forums. Your required assignments might include readings, writing papers, and other projects. Our online students often report that their online learning experience is even better than the traditional classes they’ve completed because of the engagement and discussion they experience learning with fellow students from around the country and across the globe.

You will also benefit from:

Exciting Multimedia
Our faculty members make our online courses a truly immersive and interactive experience, using a wide variety of digital online multimedia tools.

Diverse Discussions
Connect with your professors and classmates via online posts and chats to discuss course material.

Staying Connected
Enjoy access to all the technical, academic, and career support services you need to make your learning experience as smooth and rewarding as possible.

Student Coordinators
Our expert coordinators are on hand five days a week to provide you with the assistance you need. A satisfying online experience for every student is our top priority.

St. John’s University makes no distinction between our online students and those who attend classes on campus. Our online students can access our services through a variety of helpful methods that include Skype, e-mail and telephone.

Frequently Asked Questions

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